Community Meeting about Trees and Sidewalks/Parkways & Pipe Mooring this Thursday, August 6 at 7:00 p.m. at Long Beach Yacht Club.  Planting Has Been Stopped, Delaying Completion of the Project; Online Survey about Selection of Palm Trees


Two Ways to Participate in the Selection of Palm Trees along Rivo Alto Canal (whether you live on the canal or not.  The canal walkways are enjoyed by all.):

Share your thoughts on palm trees planted along Rivo Alto Canal in the Phase One area! The market of readily available trees has changed since the City and community decided what trees to plant. The City wants to engage the community around next steps. 
There are 2 ways to participate: 

(1) Complete an online 
opinion survey -
Should we keep planting the San Jose Hesper palm? Should we take a few extra months to search for and find the Bismarkia and Guadalupe? Perhaps a little bit of both? Please complete by Monday August 10th. follow the link or cut and paste into your web browser!
(2) Attend a Community Meeting on Thursday August 6th at 7:00 pm the Long Beach Yacht Club, hosted by the Naples Improvement Association and the City of Long Beach. We will also discuss other items, such as the sidewalk/parkway and pipe moorings.
Earlier this year, the community participated in a robust process to find the ideal trees, shrubs, benches, and lights to augment the beauty of the canal parkway. In that process 2 specialty palms were chosen: the Bismarkia and Guadalupe, in addition to the King and Queen palms. 

Despite efforts to vet the desired trees against the nursery market, when American Landscape (Contractors Sub)began purchasing the trees in July, they found that in order to get the desired height of tree--minimum 10 feet of brown trunk--the rootball of the tree became too large for the planter area. Not wanting to compromise the height of the tree or impact its health once planted, the arborist suggested we plant Brahea brandegeei, a close cousin of the Guadalupe Palm. The Brahea Brandegeei, or San Jose Hesper Palm is available in today's market. 

In a desire to include a specialty palm of the desired height, City staff concurred with the arborist's suggestion. This decision, though, needs to be vetted by the community. The trees are an important part of enhancing and preserving Naples Island--key objectives of the seawallproject. They are not a decision the project team can make alone. So, we are taking a pause in all tree planting in order to have a robust discussion with the community about this situation, work together, and decide what trees to plant. 

To that end, we are asking you to weigh in! You can use a simple 3 question opinion poll. You can also attend a meeting to have a rich in person discussion.

Meeting on Thursday August 6 at 7 p.m. at Long Beach Yacht Club.
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